Need motivation? Lyn can speak to you!
Here's what her clients are saying...

  • "THE American woman racing icon is making a difference across the country!
    Some of us talk about making a difference, you're doing it!"

    Tom Peters, Bestselling Author - In Search of Excellence
  • I wanted to thank you profoundly for the outstanding presentation you gave the Senior Management group at our recent meeting in Chicago. Your words were most inspiring and right on.
    Alain Piallat
    Senior Vice President, Marriott Midwest Regional Office
  • Your women’s marketing presentation today to our dealership salespeople was outstanding.

    Your understanding of the selling process and your ability to communicate that knowledge to your audience was readily appreciated as evidenced by the interest generated during the Q&A period. Our salespeople are better for having participated.
    J.M. Studdard
    District Operations Manager – Ford Motor Company
  • We appreciate the thorough preparation and the quality of the materials that you presented. You provided substance and actionable suggestions that will help attendees grow the Bosch business.
    Ulrich Kirschner
    VP, Bosch
  • As you said in your speech, teamwork is essential to achieving our goals. You proved the perfect “strong, smart, and bold” role model at our luncheon, and through your involvement, you have helped us materially in working toward our goals.
    Lauren J. Harrison
    Chair, 5th Annual Luncheon for Girls Incorporated of Greater Houston
  • In a challenging business environment where the pressure to excel and continually improve is relenting, it is of enormous value to our executives to hear from someone who has not only been successful in another field, but who achieved their success when many believed they did not fit in. I was particularly pleased with the message you delivered around winning the right way…your message was powerful with direct relevance and I will use this myself.
    Paul Ellner
    Central Regional General Manager, HSBC Consumer Lending
  • Your easy manner and sense of humor enabled us to relate to you. At the same time, your perseverance and tremendous drive make you such an important role model…We have had many diverse speakers address our group over the years, but your impact was definitely greater than most and will surely leave a lasting impression.
    Marie Suarez
    Dir. of Programs, Greater Hollywood Chamber of Commerce
  • Lyn was incredibly inspiring, telling her story, and offering a candid and unique perspective on racing and about women athletes in general. I would highly recommend Lyn as a speaker for any event.
    Amy Rosewater
    Associated Press Freelance Writer, Chair for the 15th Annual Assoc. for Women in Sports Media Convention
  • You did an extraordinary job of relating the key elements of successful auto racing (desire, focus, listening, team building, communication, & preparation) to any business strategy. I would highly recommend the presentation to anyone!
    Scot D. Deagan
    Vice President & Director, ZC Sterling Corporation
  • Your presentation was great; you’re a wonderful role model. Females of all ages can learn from your attitude toward the ‘workplace’ and handling obstacles. You have my admiration.
    Claire J. McIntyre
    Student, Washtenaw Community College
  • Lyn’s comments were absolutely on-target for the group we need to motivate, and she was a pleasure to work with.
    Becky Majeske
    Writer/Producer, Creative Street, Inc.
  • You were fantastic! Our group really enjoyed your presentation and you helped make the meeting memorable for all.
    Simon Scott
    Medical Specialties Distribution
  • Lyn was a delight. Her presentation fit the event perfectly and she was very engaging with good reviews from the audience. I know it wasn’t easy for her to get to Victoria and back to Indy on the weekend, but we very much appreciated having her as part of the program.
    Insurance Brokers of British Columbia