Lyn St. James recently penned a timely piece for putting the spotlight on past diversity and inclusion efforts around the globe and across many different forms of motorsports.

Please CLICK HERE to read the entire article, a portion – which underscores the importance of Roger Penske’s Race for Equality and Change campaign AND announces her new role in motorsports as a board member of the Automobile Competition Committee of the United States – of which is excerpted here:

With the activities listed above, it would be safe to assume there’s been a lot of support for women racing, so why is there complaining? Yes, there have been programs established and efforts made, but it takes leadership and a sustainable commitment, along with a robust and collective strategy to effect change. Except for the NASCAR Drive for Diversity and the FIA WIM Commission, those mentioned are independent efforts dependent on individuals who either run out of money or energy or become distracted by other priorities. I’ve always believed the sport needs to invest in itself to effect change. Earlier this year, Roger Penske decided to do just that, with his announcement of the Race for Equality & Change campaign, followed up by the new Force Indy team’s announcement for people of color to compete in the USF2000 Series under the tutelage of Penske Racing. I’ve never known Roger Penske to run out of money, energy, or to become distracted.

My new role in motorsports is to have the honor of serving as a board member of ACCUS (Automobile Competition Committee of the United States) and being nominated to represent ACCUS on the FIA-WIM Commission. I’ve been listening to the leaders of the sport saying words like “sustainable,” “tangible,” “engagement,” “do, not talk,” “greatest single opportunity to grow the sport,” “what’s best for the sport.” I feel compelled and empowered to help bring those words into action. It’s time for the industry leaders to follow in-step with Roger Penske’s commitment and take actionable steps that are thoughtful, tangible, and sustainable.