In order to continue its mission, the Foundation has transitioned as follows:

The Women in the Winner’s Circle Traveling Exhibit is now managed by The Henry Ford Museum, who helped us create it.  The driver development academy files will become part of their permanent archive on women in racing.

Established the Women’s Sports Foundation “Women in the Winner’s Circle Project Podium Grant” for women in motorsports and Lyn St. James will function as the advisor.  This will enable women to apply for a grant to advance their careers in motorsports, as well asdevelop the relationshipbetween the Women’s Sports Foundation and the world of motorsports in a much more significant way. Go to www.womenssportsfoundation.org for more information and to apply for the grant.

  1. The Complete Driver Academy (formerly Driver Development Program) was founded in 1994. The Academy had a two-fold purpose: (1) identify potential champion women drivers who demonstrated success on the track and had a desire to pursue a career in professional motorsports; and (2) to create an experience that provided the tools to further women drivers’ careers in motorsports as well as enhance their lives on and off the track.

  2. Project Podium, was launched in 2007 by Lyn St. James. The overreaching goal of Project Podium was to provide financial assistance in the form of matching grants to women drivers to help further their professional careers. Secondarily, the Project Podium process introduced or further provided experience for drivers in the very important business aspect of the racing industry by the matching fund requirement.

    We are excited to announce that in early 2013 we have combined resources with The Women's Sports Foundation to establish the Women’s Sports Foundation “Women in the Winner’s Circle Project Podium Grant” for women in motorsports. All applications will be reviewed by a panel under the leadership of Lyn St. James. Click here for the application.

  3. The annual Women in the Winner’s Circle Celebration, which began in 2003, was the Foundation’s major fundraiser as well as celebrating the success of women in racing, helping them build strong ties with each other and the motorsports community.